ALR Hearings


ALR is an acronym for:


An ALR hearing is extremely important when fighting a DWI if you want to keep your license. The reasoning for an ALR hearing is because you either failed a breath or blood test, or refused to take a blood or breath test. Therefore, the Texas DPS is trying to suspend your driver’s license. By requesting an ALR hearing, you are essentially forcing the DPS to prove their case against you. They will have the opportunity to try to prove that the officer who stopped you had reasonable suspicion or probable cause.License suspension for first time offenders usually last from ninety days to three-hundred and sixty-five. License suspension for a second or third offense range from one-hundred and eighty days to two years.

You have 15 days after your arrest to submit a request to try to get an ALR hearing. If you submit the request within the 15 required days, you will receive a letter, to the address they have on file, in the mail from the DPS with your ALR hearing information, such as the date, time, and location. If you fail to request your hearing within those 15 days, your license suspension will begin 40 days after your arrest.  

Licence Suspension

Your license may be suspended for 90 days for first time convictions. If you are convicted a second time, your license may be suspended for 5 years on drug and/or alcohol related offenses. If you have been convicted 3 or more times, your license may receive a 10 year license denial.

Do you really need a way to drive?

Here at the Law offices of RJ Harber, we will help you obtain an ODL or occupational drivers license. An ODL may be available to you if your license is suspended and you had a valid Texas Driver License at the time of your suspension. An occupational license is when a judge authorizes you to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle if you need to drive to your job, for educational purposes, or in the performance of essential household duties.

As a former prosecutor of Dallas & Tarrant County, RJ Harber knows the proper steps to take, when dealing with this matter. To ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible, contact Mr. Harber today.

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